2021 Ars Electronica Garden SEOUL

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K-Arts Ars Electronica Academy


For one semester Ars Electronica accompanies the Korea National University of Arts, short K-ARTS, courses with inspirational talks and mentoring sessions. This support program for emerging artists builds on the existing curriculum of two classes, namely Interactive+ and Immersive Performance. It allows the students to work on their own artworks which will be shown at the Ars Electronica Festival in 2021.



Director : Chungyean Cho (Vice President of K-ARTS, Professor of School of  Film, TV & Multimedia , K-ARTS)

Planning / Operation: Art Collider Lab, Center for Art Convergence, K-ARTS (Hana Yun, Dayoung Lee, Myungyean Lim)


About Interactive+

This Interactive+: Humor for the Future Community program is an artistic reinterpretation of Korean mask-dance and drama, Tal-chum, which has led to common solidarity and empathy in humor and satire in the past community. The participant will create interactive and virtual arthouse games to experiment with new ways of communicating in the future society.

Faculty: LoopnTale, Insoo Park


Ars Electronica Experts:

About Immersive Performance

Immersive Performance Education Program is designed to experiment with a real-time Immersive Content creation process by attempting to merge virtual reality into performance. Various majors from Korea National University of Arts will expand their expressive areas into new artistic creations through virtual reality stages that cross the boundaries between the language of performance and space-time, which enable direct communication between audiences and performers on an impromptu.

Faculty: Chungyeon Cho

Teaching Assistant: Jiyean Kim


Ars Electronica Experts: