Art Collider Lab's 

International Exchange Project 

Ars Electronica : Garden Seoul

Art Collider Lab's International Exchange Program is coming with the Ars Electronica Festival (A.E.F.) where is the world's largest art and technology festival that has been established since 1979. Ars Electronica, the organisation, runs four programs: Festival, PRIX Awards, Center for research and residency and Future Lab.  

With a partnership of A.E.F. in 2020, Art Collider Lab is willing to research the possibility of new art through 'convergence of art and technology' and to present excellent art and technology works and talents of Korea National University of Arts on the international stage. We also want to provide opportunities for international exchanges to students and faculty.

Art Collider Lab @K'ARTS

The Art Collider is an affiliated institution of the Korea National University of Arts which is an art school affiliated with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Korea. The Art Collider studies/plans education on creative art methods, by from convergence between art genres to the confluence of art, technology and society.