Art Collider @K'Arts

The Art Collider is an affiliated institution of the Korea National University of Arts which is an art school affiliated with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Korea. The Art Collider studies/plans education on creative art methods, by from convergence between art genres to the confluence of art, technology and society.

In 2020, Art Collider plans and operates the step-by-step exploration/creation method of ‘Approaching (introduction) – Experimenting (creation practice) – Discussing (presentation and criticism)’ about the convergence of art and technology which is a new field. It is based on research on the method of collaboration between six schools - including Music, Drama, Film, Dance, Visual Arts, Korean Traditional Arts - and on and off-campus for the ‘convergence of art, technology, and culture’.

To educate the foundation of convergent creation with various fields, we chose 'interaction and collaboration' as keywords of this year’s program. The program consists of 1) Team project-oriented Team Learning, which deals with contemporary social issues about art and technology, and 2) Team Playing, which is a creative education through the human's fundamental 'Play' action.

Furthermore, to promote emerging artists that can create and mediate the convergence of art and technology, we provide 3) Support & Showcase as the last stage of ‘Training/Mentoring - creation grants – networking and presentation’. This program will expand through exchanges with various institutions in Korea and overseas.

  • Research on social discourse on 'Art and Technology'
    • Discourse and program research related to 'convergence of art and technology'
    • K'ARTS' 6 Art Schools Co-operation Program
  • Media art creation experimentation and methodology education
    • Media Technology Lab, Networking
    • <Team Learning>, <Team Playing> program operation

Support & Showcase

  • Creative support for the experimental convergent art field
    • Education and support for creative research and presentation methods
    • <Creative Support>, <Showcase> Program Operation



In 2020, <Creative Support> is composed of Creative Method Education (Mentoring), ➁ Creative Support Grants, ➂ Creative Exchange for meaningful topics and contemporary creative support in contemporary convergence art discourse.

The theme of 2020 <Creative Support> is 'Human Scale'. The human scale is a physical scale based on the human body that must be considered when designing a space or object used by humans. With the development of the media technology environment, we have stepped into an extended area that goes beyond existing physical limitations. The discourse in the era of diversification according to this trend is developing discussions on the diversity of body and perception. Through this theme, the Art Collider will discover and support the creation and discourse research of new experiences and interpretations surrounding the contemporary human-scale concept, the contemporary media ecosystem and environment, various bodies and perceptions, and the self flowing in it.

    • Eligibility: Current Students and graduates of art history or Master's degree at Korea National University of Arts
    • Application period: March 16 (Mon) ~ April 12 (Sun) 2020
    • How to apply: Email to / Application form and portfolio

Support Areas

Creative research

Art research based on media technology, interactive art, interactive design, algorithmic art, generative art, audio visual, electronic music (Electronic Music), AR / VR / MR Contents, Video Art, Media Performance, etc.

Discourse research

Research on cultural phenomenon or art works of multidisciplinary approach to art, technology, and media, media theory, virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, artificial life, Bio Art, Techno Feminism, Art / Alt Game, DIY, Maker Movement, Appropriate Technology, Media Education / Literature (Media) Education / Literacy

Support details

➀ Creative Method Education (mentoring)

As part of <Creative Support>, this program aims to educate the production skills necessary for art creation using media. We can be artistically inspired in an era that can be read through technology, or we can use technology as a suitable tool for what we want to express. This Creative Method Education (mentoring) is newly established to support emerging artists who can freely move around and create various areas.

According to the theme of this creative program, 'Human Scale', the following three programs were organized to think about and apply the human scale area that has been virtually expanded in reality beyond the physical limit. to create a virtual space consisting of our memories VR class (four times on Mondays,), . ➁ projecting a virtual through the media reality projection mapping classes (Tuesdays, four times), window of the mobile device It will consist of AR classes (4 sessions each Thursday, connecting virtual reality with reality ) and will be held for a month in July.

    • Schedule : Workshop 2020. 4 times in July (check the timetable below) / Mentoring 2 times in August
    • Venue : Art Collider, Workshop Room (Seoul, K'ARTS Seokgwan Campus Creation Hall # 213)
    • Number of people : 10 or more per workshop / personal notebook must be brought *

※ This training is for participants selected in <Creative Support 2020: Human Scale>. Subsequent recruitment will be based on the number of members in each workshop.

※ In the case of discourse research, mentoring will be conducted according to the selected content.

➁ Creative grant

    • Up to 3 million won per person (team)

➂ Creative exchange

    • Interim and result announcement <showcase> support
    • <Showcase> : This <Showcase> is with the Seongbuk Museum of Art.